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The Middle Easy Fight Fist Podcast

Jan 19, 2018

After a short hiatus, Dan LaMorte and Austin Locke are back talking to guest Joey Rinaldi. They talk about how each of them got into comedy, and what they're doing on a podcast. They then make fun of each other for a while and it ends with Dan talking about MMA.

Dec 28, 2017

Dan LaMorte, Luke Touma and Austin Locke sit down and talk about UFC 219 and 220. Dan and Luke made educated predictions, and Austin blindly guesses based on how badass the fighters look. As always follows the guys on Twitter and thanks to Smokin' Suckaz with Logic for the intro music. 

Dec 21, 2017

This week the guys are joined by comedian Tim Sturtevant. Luckily for the guys Tim came with presents that may or may not be illegal. They also talk about Tim fighting a group of guys over perfume, Dan decides he’s an anarchist who hates the industry and as always *some* MMA talk

Dec 14, 2017

Dan LaMorte, Luke Touma, and Austin Locke sit down in an unnamed school's dorm room and talk about their top Spotify songs of the year, the failed terrorist attack on New York, their role models recent death, and share some of their favorite and least favorite Stand-Up stories. They also talk about recent UFC fights.

Dec 7, 2017

Diego Lopez sits down with hosts Dan LaMorte and Luke Touma. Diego is a comedian and MMA instructor in New York. The guys talk about the relation between comedy and MMA, working as a mixed martial arts instructor, UFC 218, and UFC Fight Night 123. Please like and subscribe and follow the show @thisdiegolopez...